The North Face of Grizedale

I was a bit slow to get going this morning, largely due to yesterday’s antics, but in the end I drove up to the Lake District and rode some waymarked man made trails. If yesterday was proper mounatin biking I don’t know if today was pseudoriding or what, but the route sponsored by The North Face in Grizedale Forest was reasonably entertaining. It reminds me a bit of Dalbeattie, in that there’s not that much climbing, but the Singletrack flows nicely and it all seems to be over before you know it.

It my first ride in the Lakes despite all these years in the north and I swear that I’m going to return to the Lakes before the year is out for another ride. The North Face trail was taken at a solid pace. There were loads of wooden boardwalk sections thrown in too. Although I was expecting these, there turned out to be a lot more than I had anticipated – which made it even better. Not many photos but a few in the gallery.

View from the Kirkstone Pass

With a shorter ride than expected there was plenty of time for a nice drive on the way back. I’d heard a lot about the Kirkstone Pass so I thought that I’d take a look. It turned out to produce a route that delivered the long way home. It was a stunning drive and was nice until I ended up stuck in traffic on the Motorway for about an hour.

I was sorting through some photos of things the other day and I have realised that I never posted up these two snippets from the US trip last month. The Americans seem determined to deny BSE and therefore are risking a massive population health risk if the link to vCJD is as solid as it appears. This report about turning a blind eye is from USA Today.This should need no explanation.

Floyd Landis

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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