A German Killed My…

In the latest issue of Outcast Chipps made a comment that the organised racing experience and numbers at the SSWC04 in Berlin hadn’t really been to his personal liking. Now because I’m crap, I didn’t go to Berlin so I can’t comment on what it was like, but Phaty can ‘cos he was one of the organisers and while he respects Chipps’ right to an opinion on things singlespeedy and bikes in general, he’s clearly got a message to tell the world. Check out the Phatblog (and more importantly this Patriot 66. Where’s mine? And no, I don’t want a Rolhoff on it). Back to the point. To call it spew and lies is a bit over the top. It’s just an opinion. It’s like me saying I think that the Solitude Cycles website is a bit shit. Take it with a pinch of salt, ignore it or whinge about it.

Pratting about with the details, such as who heads WADA and how he conducts himself, and whether someone at a lab has a friend at a newspaper is rearranging the deckchairs on the Belgrano. After Conquerer has fired the torpedoes.”

John Stevenson is ace. Read more about his take on what I think consider the ridiculous Landis petition. The bikebiz intro to the petition sets the scene for the discussion that followed. It’s a proper singletrackworld thread with a real discussion. About bikes too. And with big words, proper sentances and thought out arguments and positions.

I bookmarked a few other sites recently. I’m not 100% sure of the reasons that this spoof conversation between Dave Turner and Tony Ellsworth was created, but it paints a fairly clear picture of some ‘issues’. the disclaimer on the site is also worth reading:

These articles are PARODIES (PAIR-O-DEEZ for our Maine visitors), please do not take the articles with anything more than a grain of salt. If an article is taken seriously, and we find out about it, we will beat you about the head and shoulders with a headset press. Also be aware that cranksets are not passed easily, and we don’t mean tossed or thrown… we mean PASSED.

Epic Journeys on bikes probably don’t get much bigger than ridding from England to China and back again. Edward Genochio on 2wheels is blogging it across the world. It’s interesting reading and there’s a fairly eclectic mix of photos too. Recent posts have included:

The hot news is:
1. It’s hot.
2. I’m in Lvov (aka Lviv), Ukraine, where it is hot.
3. It’s hot.Apologies for lack of blog since China. Will make up for it one day, I promise.

Hot news from Kazakhstan
Chaps, I’m in Uralsk. Edward

Shymkent. Hot. Cycling. 14,288 km since Shanghai. Hope you enjoy the new minimalist blogging style. Edward

I apologise for the absence of any photos in the previous post. Here is some clover, which made a nice soft bed for the night on the way to Almaty.

Day 271 – Clock-watching in Khorgos
In 14 hours time they will let me over the border, inshallah. Yesterday I haggled with the borderfolk for a long time. It really wouldn’t be such a bad thing to let an honest man into Kazakhstan 2 days before his visa officially starts, would it? “You must wait here”, said the borderman. “Khorgos (Huoerguosi, the Chinese call it) is a lovely place. Time will fly here”.

More at 2wheels.org.uk

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Usually mountain biking in the North.

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