Back to Life, Back to Reality

Stage one of the busiest time of the year at work is out of the way. This means that there’s a chance to stop for breathand to get back into the world of bikes briefly. Which is a good thing because tonight it was the perfect reason to go to the best bike shop in the north west and visit Tim at Sideways. Some top quality bling bits have finally arrived from Mojo in the form of Fox’s F32RLCs. These are the 100mm versions.

2007 Fox F32RLC

I’ve wanted these since they were launched earlier in the year and I think these must be some of the first ones into the UK. Any way I haven’t waited around. They’re already fitted on the Ti Deluxe and with the new wheels and Marta SLs I have to say it’s looking ace! Photos to follow.

I don’t like it when you ask Tim how something you have taken in for servicing is and he says, “well, it’s a bit fooked”. Ususally this means that a big bill is to follow either immediately or imminently. In this case the diagnosis on the Fox Vanilla RLCs isn’t great and probably means the latter.

They’re serviced and usable, but the stanchion anodising on the spring leg is worn away on the inside surface nearest the brace. I hope I’ll get another season out of them before I have to replace the crown, stanchion and steerer assembly. Either that or a new pair of forks is going to be expensive and they’re great forks! I think life was a bit easier when I had Manitou 3’s and you could replace stanchions individually.

Trans Cambrian Trail

Photos from the Trans Cambrian Trail are now up on the site. Paul and I had both waited until the article was published in Singletrack. For the record all the big photos that look ace are the work of Mr Childerhouse. Mine were the fillers. The strange couple on touring bikes were French and we spotted them outside the pub at the end of the first day. Eventually they came over and asked directions and we tried not to laugh and think of Monty Python.

We’re definitely in to the Cape Epic for next year. Tyrrell paid the entry fee this weekend. We really are going to have to start training and getting organised…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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