Fab Words

Mike Brown, who’s a guy from Alabama wrote this comment when he registered his IF on the Owners’ Club site:

The paint is silk and the build is immaculate. The ride is balanced, natural and predictable. It is the bike I would build, if you had the experience and energy of thirteen bicycle obsessed people stuffed in my brain all at once – but I don’t, and that’s why I bought an Independent Fabrication.

It’s probably one of the best comments I’ve received from an Indy Fab owner and it sums up a lot about how I feel about their bikes too. The owners’ club is rapidly approaching 550 registered bikes.

This morning saw a reasonably early start and a trip down to Sale Water Park to hammer out a river run ride with Tyrell. After torrential rain yesterday, today the sun was out and the trails were drying. The air is warmer and I think that spring is finally on the way. It’s been a long time coming this year. So much so that Howies are doing a crazy deal on t-shirts.

I signed the site up to Technorati earlier in the week and there’s now a link in the right handside menu of the front page of the site. It’s interesting to see how rothar.com is networked amongst other blog users – all seem to be bike orientated and that’s not really to surprising. If you have a blog and haven’t checked it out yet, then take a look.

Anna Shepard writes a great column in the Saturday Times called the Eco Worrier. Anna has started up a blog for debating about green/ethical issues. It makes some interesting reading.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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