New Hope

On Sunday I managed to get out for a ride of great proportions in the Peaks on the back of an invitation from a friend of a friend. It was ace because despite having been riding there for about 9 years I was shown some new trails and some I’d forgotten about and rediscovered. The company was grand and the riding was good. My theory that a hardtail is fine for the Peaks held up, but it did take a pinch flat of the rear wheel to remind me I was no longer riding a six inch travel full susser.

Indy Fab in muddy horror
It’s a burly hardtail now

I think I need a different pair of (wider) bars and some different grips, but otherwise the bike is completely sorted. There was some chain suck but I think that was either due to the tenacious properties of the gritstone mud or the fact that the alloy inner rings on XT Hollowtech II chainsets are just rubbish. The latter is a distinct possibility so I will need to strip it down and change it over with a steel one and check the damage. I’m hoping it’s not too bad. Big thanks to Tim for leading the ride and to Andy for the invite on the day. Photos are up here.

The Rockall Times is a cynical view of the world and is well worth a look. Amongst other news: Islamic rage sweeps Rockall – Scandies advised to leave sacred islet. Check it out.

After going into the body shop for some under carriage alterations to prevent the future pitter patter of more tiny feet in the Childerhouse family home, the former Firestarter is now back on the bike and keen for the post Easter Trans Cambrian Way adventure. As soon as I hear from Scotland I’ll be a bit happier.

I hope that this isn’t a thing that people will see in Windows Vista. One massive Windows error message

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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