Canada’s Cold

I was talking to Cortos the other day who is at McGill doing a postdoc and mentioned to him that Dan & Laura were in Edmonton. He said that it’s so cold there that it makes Montreal look like it is on the Costa Brava. I said I hoped Dan had found a cheap supplier for goose down jackets otherwise he’ll probably freeze to death when he’s changing camera bodies. Not only is Dan still alive in Canada, he has managed to find his camera and a computer. Check out Bear Fodder.

Allegedly Dan has a huge down jacket that covers almost to his knees. As he explained to Cyclenaut, it screams ‘Look I’m a Brit in Canada’. i don’t think he cares. According to the news and here it’s currently -29C, but the important thing is the wind chill, which makes it -39C. That’s a bit chilly.

Unexpectedly I had a cold earlier this week. It’s still in my head making everything sound a bit muffled. Maybe that’s just Radiohead though. I’ve been riding the geared Deluxe a bit as I need to check it’s bedded in for the Peak District outing on Sunday. Of course it wasn’t. Chains skipping. Worn cassette and new chain and too much slack. Sorted that and realised I hadn’t tightened the clamp bolts on the crank up so they’d fallen out. That’d be the second time that’s happened then.

Cyclenaut finally posted her pictures up from Punk Bike Enduro. On the Sunday there was a bank of mist sitting in one of the valleys that was very surreal. I’m really pleased about this ace photo of Tim Johnson and me. There’s a lot of depth in the background:

Photo by Chris Garrison

Sold lot’s of kit. There’s a bit left here. Oh and Macaroons are ace and grumpy old Manc gits need a good kicking for upsetting people I love. Over and out.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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