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A while ago I linked posted something about Spinner forks. These are the lightest suspension forks on the market at the moment with a titanium, scandium and magnesium construction that ways little and costs a lot. There’s now a Spinner USA website up here so you can check out the Aeris forks in a bit more detail. From what I gather Spinner have been making forks for a certain big manufacturer for a few years (take a look and see if you can work out who, it’ll probably only take one look at the all mountain Echo and you’ll see the resemblance with another popular fork). Spinner’s previous own brand kit, In-Sync, has never been much to write home about, other than the fact it seemed to replace RST as the OEM fork of choice on sub £500 bikes.

Now this is a great website: – What an original and simple idea and it serves a real and useful function, especially for those hard to get parts. As Matt Biskup, the genius behind the company suggests:

Please shop by the pictures, not the data. If you don’t see your bike on this list and would like our help locating a derailleur hanger for you, please email us at: and we’ll try to locate one for you.

One way to really help us is to email a digital photo or two of your derailleur hanger and/or the dropout of the frame if that’s all you have. If you can’t do digital photos, simply place the derailleur hanger on a regular photocopier and fax the copy to (678) 530-1052 with your name on it and bike info.

We have located hangers for Look, Litespeed, HM and many other brands that aren’t up on the site yet with this method. Our intent is to make this site the single point for cyclists to find derailleur hangers on the web.

The parts on offer are professionally engineered and are stronger than one that came from the original manufacturer and therefore can take a bigger hit than a standard hanger. If like me you have a penchant for wrecking hangers these bad boys may be just the ticket.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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