New 2006 Kit

So what is new in the wonderful world of bikes? Well the honest truth is not enough from my perspective so I’m doing some home work at the moment with a mind to organising something for next summer. High mountain supported epics are in order and once I get some answers back from people invitations will be going out… Will it mean a new bike and is this the answer? Or maybe one of the new carbon Specialized?

Hidden in the depths of the visually inundated and swamped Bike magazine website, there are actually some good columns with people talking about bikes, check them out here.

Another great American magazine, Dirt Rag has recently had a website makeover by the looks of things either that or it just looks different. Check out some more talking about bikes in the Brain Farts section.

There is also a stunning gallery of photos, although not very big pictures, from endurance rider Mike Curiak who won last years great divide race. As Mike says:

Over the last 10 years I’ve discovered a virtual underground of epic point-to-point races that cross geographic regions, mountain ranges, states, even whole countries. The places you’re riding through are special, unique, and you realize that you may never see them again. So you take pictures, and sometimes even write stories about these adventures. Lately I’ve been inundated with life, and as such have written little. But I have taken lots of pictures…

Finally the eagle eyed may have noticed a recent addition to the right hand menu since the last update. Yup things are now running and not crashing on the solid UNIX underpinnings of Apple Mac OSX Tiger. It really is so good that going back to Windows XP is just not an option and in fact having to use Windows is really quite disappointing. So that’s more memory for the work Powerbook then, the office desktop should note its days are numbered.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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