The last week or so since the last update have been the usual heady mixture of work and exciting day to day stuff with the added mixture of a round the country in a day road trip, a first time at a 24hr Mountain Bike race as a spectator by choice (rather than fate) and a period of feeling too rough to eat. Fortunately things have definitely improved, with the morale booster that Mr. Flooks has worked his magic and I now have a proper cross country bike again. New photos up here.

Truth is that the IF has been on a diet. Not a lose half your body weight in a week diet, more of a controlling slimming exercise over a number of months that has taken something with obvious potential and harnessed it to its full potential. It’s now a full on light weight machine that has no aspirations to be an all mountain bike and is built with that thought in mind. 3lbs in weight is a lot to loose and in honesty I don’t know if there is anything that makes practical sense left to change – irrespective the end result is the business.

One word of warning. If you buy a second hand pair of forks make 110% sure that they fit, because if they don’t you’ll end up paying for it. Ferr Shure.

So whilst I was at Mayhem at the weekend there was a good opportunity to catch up with folks, including the Midget. Too young he was told to go and mechanic in Spain, which is absolute rubbish and as has already been said, it’s their loss. Anyway after a weekend as Pit Bitch for teh racers, Jon may be reconsidering his options with regard to his current life in deepest darkest Welshshire. Photos from the event soon.

Now while I was there I pickerd up all sorts of stuff including a leaf;et about cycling out of poverty. It’s a promotional leaflet about the Bicycling Empowerment Network in Namibia, which aims to establish small bike shops throughout the country to establish a network of cheap bikes and parts and a whole heap of other good things. Check out the website and dig deep.

Defacing something that is illegally stuck to a wall is not against the law.

At some point some where, although I’m not sure where or when I also picked up a leaflet about The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Dissidents take note, a great site and it’s good to see that politics and ways of expressing freedom of speech are not aspirations that have been crushed.

Fianlly there is an advert about the New Belgium Postcoaster contest in the latest edition of DirtRag, including some more photos of this beast:

Todd Kundla's beast

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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