Website Blues

The irony of doing a job you really enjoy is that when you’ve finished working silly hours, it takes a mammoth amount of motivation to do more of the same sort of stuff back at the ranch. This I suppose is a half hearted attempt an an explanation for a lot of inactivity on my behalf and recognition of a fact that everyone else who has tried maintaining a website has known about for a long time.

Things have been very hectic recently as there are some fairly major events taking place. After five years in my current place as a result of a recent promotion, I’ll be relocating to a leafier and more spacious pied a terre outside the City. This looks likely to have the added advantage of making a bit of bike based commuting a distinct possibility, although it’s likely that this may mean I’ll need one of these. Which may in turn mean that somewhere down the line I’ll develop some really odd behaviour, like setting fire to my own head. Okay, he might not be a Brompton owner, but he could be. You never know.

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the last issue of Singletrack came out. It coincided with the last big ride I went on and there fore I haven’t been for a decent all day epic for almost two months. I’m missing the offroad fix and I’m beginning to look and feel a bit shabby for it. Another up date soon, but in the interim check out MTB Wales.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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