Updating seems to have gone out of the window recently which really is pretty slack on my behalf, but the good news is that a large part of the reasoning for this is bike related. A new full susser has been procured and tested on arguably some of the finest trails in the UK. A weekend of riding, drinking and chilling in Afan Forest Park, south Wales was the ideal venue for taking a new Enduro. Ironically most of the people I was riding with were actually on singlespeeds so I spent most of the time wondering if I’d brought the right bike, especially on the long uphills.

It’s the first stable platform bike I’ve owned and it does climb and ride like a hardtail and a much lighter bike than 30lb, 6″ travel freeride bike it is. On the down’s it comes into it’s own and really flies. There’s probably a good degree of scope for adjusting the shock mount by swapping it out to alter the angles, because as stock it’s a fairly slack headtube and consequently a bit slow to turn in on some singletrack, but you do get plenty of stability on the downhills.

As well as playing with bikes, there has been playing with the house (currently roofless) and the new car, as well as work. All in all it’s been busy. Photos and more stuff next week.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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