Worked in the bike shop yesterday. I am very tempted by a new bike as I’ve been looking to replace the FSR for some time now. I did want an Intense 5.5 EVP but Tim can’t get me one and now I’m not sure what to get instead. Do I go burly or lightweight Cross Country? If I had the patience then there’s the Independent Fabrication Tungsten Electrode, which is going to be a 4″ travel bike for life with it’s mega money frameset, but then suspension designs are improved over time so do you really want a full suspension bike for life?

I looked at Scott Genius MCs while I was in Switzerland and they look the business for riding out there, but I’m not sure how they’d hold up to northern rockiness. Then there’s the new Blur LT that’ll be out soon but no one knows when and finally there’s the new Specialized Enduros, which I’ve reconsidered after fettling with one yesterday. Still undecided really, but I really fancy something new for summer.

Rapha make fairly bling bike gear – with a touch of pink. Wool is the big thing this year. Even Nike have brought out some retro styled gear including their hideously expensive but very nice looking Tete de Course jersey. I’m sitting here in one of last years Howies Yurt Merino Wool mid layers – It’s the busniess. There’s also some nice bike kit on offer from the Check ’em out. My order is already in.

If you’ve been without a bike for a while getting one again gives you a great feeling and a lot of independence. Big thanks to Jed for his help in hooking my sister up with a new ride. She’s stoked to be riding such a great bike – a rather unique Columbus tubed Sunn Exact Un.

_ Sunn Exact Un _ Sunn Exact Un _

_ Sunn Exact Un _ Sunn Exact Un _

And to finish – pictures from Switzerland are finally up here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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