Back from the Mountains

I’m back from the Alps. There was plenty of snow (including several feet of powder and tracking fresh lines off piste on the Stockhorn glacier was the highlight of the ‘boarding) and there was also lots of road tripping: Saas Fee, Chamonix, Verbier, Vevey… as well as Zermatt. An interesting mix of destinations fer shure. There’s some photo’s coming soon.

So what’s new? Well keepin’ it real in BC, Ticket2Ride (T2R) is a Canadian mountain bike tour firm keen to show you the best of what is on offer. Following on from Mark Alker’s exploits in the canadian territories in the most recent issue of Singletrack, Canada is an increasingly popular destination with mountain bikers, looking to explore outside of Europe. T2R is the brainchild of Scott Lanzi and since 2003 has been promoting the riding, lifestyle and culture of the mountain biking community in Whistler. From 5 day tours to bespoke guided custom trips they’re looking to put a constant smile on peoples faces and inspire new levels of riding ability. Check it out.

Is it for real? Is Cipo really going to call it a day? I can’t see it being the same without the big man, but he has faded a bit from his glory days over the last few years. I think Lance may be doing the right think with his plans to step down from racing after this year’s Tour de France.

This is a reminder that viruses are really very bad and not good for your computer.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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