Get Away

I’m off out to Switzerland on Sunday. There’s still some snow out there apparently so Snowboarding should definitely be an option. It’s been over two years since I went boarding in Andorra and I’m looking forward to getting back out on the slopes and getting some late season sunshine.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to read some other sites and see what’s been happening on t’internet. I notice that Dave has had a bit of a rethink about his site over here, all that lovely photography isn’t there at the moment, but I’m sure some of it will be back soon.


This is a new site, bearbackbiking, that I found on Singletrackworld not so long ago. It comes highly recommended by Jed because the person behind it also has a passion for trying to fit mountain bikes into cars that really were not ever designed with transporting anything other than a driver and possibly a passenger in mind.

Going down under, it seems that 26inches are still going strong. They have some summaries of the latest news as reported else where, but have done a tidy job of putting it all together in a fairly neat and tidy package. They seem to be tied in fairly tightly with those purveyors of fine bike apparel, Lab-Gear.

Moving back into the Northern hemisphere and not too far from here, the site redesign and improvement concept has led to Rob Lewis and all over at BETD to launch a new site some time since I last visited. It’s a fine looking setup and all the old stuff still seems to be on there, plus lots of new bits and pieces.

There’s more on the new RockShox over at the Bike magazine website and those crazy fixed geared offroaders have made a seasonal adjustment to the 63XC site. I don’t know if it was tied into the equinox or anythin, but it’s all good. A bit like Corty now being in Canada. I’m now the only one of the three Chris’ still in the UK. And if I include our recent export to Norway (how’s it going out there?) I’m feeling even more left out.

Now the road bike project is still in a fairly infantile stage. I’ve sorted a saddle out now, so I’m only a complete groupset and a pair of wheels away from a bike. Then I’ll find out if the frame fits. In the mean time Lance is wondering yet again how long he can be bothered to race the big events, when he seems to get such a buzz at just rocking up at small town events and mixing it up with the locals. I suppose that it’s unlikely he’ll be seen on a Cannondale anytime soon.

Over and out.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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