New Pads

The muddy gritstone of the north has claimed another set of brake pads, the only issue is this only became apparent as I was assembling the bike out of the car at the beginning of last nights ride. It doesn’t inspire much confidence to know the only thing slowing you down is metal on metal where there should be disc composite. Front wheel braking was used more than normal which was interesting given the riding was on the wet and slippery side where you don’t really want the front wheel getting squirrelly on the descents.

Glass. Metal. Ceramic. Stone. Look how it get’s this penny: Good as new! This Cillit Bang remix made it onto Radio 1 this morning – for someone that’s fairly good publicity. I hadn’t heard the E-Sure remix either – calm down dear – it’s surely a winner. The otherone still doing the rounds albeit now in dubbed version is the annoying sound

I’ve been looking for some ways to do things on the web recently and came across the SlayerOffice site. There’s some really neat solutions on there and I’m thinking of what I can build in and where.

Finally this is a bit cheeky and this is bad news for the Macclesfield Forest Downhill Course. And this is a bit Intense.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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