Velodrome Action

Friday night was the long awaited cheeky velodrome session. A load of mountain bikers, many with singlespeed riding experience, some with fixed riding experience and a few that had ridden the track before. It was good three hour session with a bit of racing, a bit of falling off and probably too much baggy clothing and too many peaked helmets to be aerodynamically efficient, but that wasn’t really the main objective…

More photos here and here

April Fools was disappointing really. I think I read something about the EU banning right hand drive cars in Europe in the near future, but I though this novelty fondue set was probably more likely to catch people out.

Recent research has revealed just how important your ranking in google and other top search engine is to actually getting people visiting your site. The higher the rank and therefore the higher up the page you are, recent research has now demonstrated, really does affect the likelihood that your site will be favoured over those results lower down the page.

Check out these vintage wool jerseys. Some classics that are now being reproduced in high quality merino, the Alfa Romeo top look great. Finally there’s some great work on the preloaded site – check out the heart attack link for a clever redesign of an arcade classic and shooting stars.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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