Kirsty Jones

What fantastic weather we’re having up here at the moment. It is seriously wet. Even by Mancunian standards. Any chance of a let up in the near future? Before it starts snowing?

Since I doubt the weather is going to get better anytime soon here’s some photos form somewhere warm, sunny and beautiful. A few pictures from Barbados:

Bathsheba from the hills _ Tropical forest, northern Barbados _ The Soupbowl, Bathsheba

Inland tidal river _ Silversands beach after storm _ Big waves below the cliffs on the northern peninsular

So while we were in Barbados we had it fairly good. Not a huge amount of wind for kitesurfing, several bottles of rum, lots of beer, sunshine, chilling and chatting with the locals. Highlights: The girls hockey team from Ballymena, the Oxford four, hiring a 4×4 and offroading accidently on purpose, seeing turtles out near the reef, the animal crew and the adidas swimsuit photoshoot, recovered stolen goods. Lowlights: Stolen iPods, hangovers and heat, jellyfish stings, tie-dye sunburn, flaky passports, leaving.

Big respect for the animal crew out there doing the photoshoot for next years gear. Special shout to Kirsty Jones, the girl that deserves to be a pin-up across the land. She kites, she surfs, she’s stunning. Next time I’m down near St Davids I’ll be looking out for her kiting in the bays. Oh and as for her kiting across the Irish Sea, I think there’s little doubt she’s an endurance athlete too.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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