News from the Island

I suspect that this is only possible in Switzerland. They do guard their Borders, although it’s probably a good thing by the looks of this.

It’s hot, humid and the weather is changeable. I’ve been chained to a computer tapping away on a keyboard and not getting out and riding much. Well except for Tuesday night’s crashfest. I hit the deck a a fair tilt and am now healing up nicely. That was the first fall of three and the ‘midget almost disappeared down a great big hole. It was a classic night. Ben took some photos.

A few folk from Guernsey made what for them was an epic trip up to Fort William for the Nationals. There is a report here, but here’s the detail:

Jimmy Carling said the World Cup mountain-bike course at Fort William in Scotland had given him the bike ride of his life. Carling finished 10th at the National Championships from a field of 30-plus top UK riders. But riding the course was the big attraction, said the Guernsey rider. ‘Because it was a World Cup course I wanted to ride it and it was the best I’ve ever ridden. ‘We had a 12-to-13min. climb out of the main arena and at least a 10-minute descent back down. It was an awesome course.’

Good effort chief. I rode with Jimmy when I was over in the Channel Islands last year and he’s certainly got the skills to pay the bills.

This is the Miller fiasco. I’ve heard enough. Game over for that man.

And finally there’s an interview with Keith Bontrager over at Cyclingnews.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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