Air Con

It’s been hot in the office recently. We tried leaving the door open. We tried a fan. Then we scored an air conditioning and dehumidifier unit. This is the result. Brown parcel tape is a key integral component of the structure.

A quick lesson:

‘A model must both maintain and surprise. As a garment, it observes certain rules; as a dress, it transgresses them with insolence. It allows audacity within tradition’ – Christian Dior.

I worked back in the shop on Saturday. It was fairly weird being back there for about five minutes and then it was like I’d never left. Dom was proud to demonstrate some some Prestwich Haute Couture in two modes: ‘Under knee‘ and ‘Nora Batty‘. I think he’s been reading too much Cosmopolitan.

Word from Norfolk is that my partner for SITS in a couple of weeks has been commuting on a fixed road bike. I hope his knees are up to that first lap run. Here’s the latest from the Westfielder:

From: Jed
Subject: Woof

I found this hilarious….. but then I would.


A sniffer dog died from an overdose after searching a suspect car.  The Springer spaniel became ill after searching a field and car in Preston, Lancashire. The seven-year-old dog, called Todd, was searching a field and car for suspected amphetamines.

His handler, Pc Roger Moore, took Todd to the vets after he started panting heavily and began to have fits, but he died several hours later. A spokesman for Preston’s dog unit said Pc Moore and his family were devastated by Todd’s death.

“He (Todd) lived with them and they would all go for walks with him – he was their dog,” Sergeant Peter Crane told the Daily Mirror.  “He’s going to be very difficult to replace, but police work is dangerous and unfortunately Todd has become a casualty.” Todd had been working as a sniffer dog for five years. From here –,,30000-13177736,00.html

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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