Push Bikes and Police

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that Philippe Gaumont is about as popular as pork-pie at a Jewish wedding with the pro cycling peleton.

I did have a link to a load of photos from the Taiwan Bike Show of the 2005 Marzocchi fork line up, but the photos all seem to have been taken down now. So instead there’s this news, that Lance has a new bike for testing this year. The Madone SL.

The Madone SL is basically a different style Madone, which uses the same top tube and rear triangle as the Madone 5.9, but with what appears to be the down tube and seat tube of the Trek 5900 Superlight; this substitution most likely saves some weight over the standard Madone 5.9.

Photos and more on the latest OCLV fabrication over at Cyclingnews.

A few people have been doing a bit of running over the winter period to get in shape for the coming summer months. There’s always been a bit of debate over what the best way to keep in shape is, but here’s the answer:

Jogging burns more calories than the same amount of time spent spinning on your bike (about 10 calories per minute versus 8 calories per minute for a 150-pound person at a moderate effort). Running is valuable for maintaining fitness in the off-season; it delivers maximum cardiovascular benefits for your workout time–you can’t coast on your feet. If you’re sedentary, starting at zero fitness, any physical challenge makes you more fit for other activities. But if you’re already even moderately fit, train in the sport that you want to be good at. Training in any sport causes cardio-respiratory and muscle adaptations specific to that sport. To get fit for cycling, use your bike as your primary training tool. More at Mountain Bike Magazine’s site.

The quest for oil has it seems a lot to answer for. Some people refuse to fight for it, whilst others are dying to protect it. Now the development of oil resources is having serious effects on the migratory patterns of the very animals on which the expansion of white settlement in the US was based.

And more US-based joy. In the week that the Cheeseburger Bill was passed, banning frivolous lawsuits against producers and sellers of food and non-alcoholic drinks arising from obesity claims, there is a report from New Scientist that Americans are eating themselves to death: “soon poor diet and physical inactivity may overtake tobacco as the leading cause of death, according to a US government study.”

And to end an American influenced post, Big Jonny posted this up on his site a while back, this is the Immigration Game. It’s about push bikes and police cars.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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