Well Scotland was good. Three hours from door to door and we were there in time for fish and chips and a few pints in Dalbeattie. The locals were friendly, although most of the ones we met were difficult to comprehend, especially those drinking anti-freeze from pint pots and talking about Sea Bass and white knuckle rides.

The Belle Vue Bed and Breakfast (01556 611833) provided a great place to stay, with a friendly welcome just a couple of minutes from the centre of town and only about ten minutes from the entrance to Dalbeattie by bike. Of course it rained most of Sunday, but Conrad and I just rode it anyway because we’d packed loads of kit for any weather.

We managed to miss the famed slabs of the hardrock trail due to the signage, which probably isn’t a bad thing given any of the granite sections were pretty slippy in the torrential rain and neither of us fancied broken bones this weekend. After loading up the car it was off to Mabie, just twelve miles back up to Dumfries.

Mabie was a great surprise. More in the way of hills and even sections of very mature forest. The singletrack was fantastic, the wooden raised sections of the trail an interesting change and some fantastic bermed descents. I have to say I think this is my favourite ‘built trail’ so far. One thing’s for sure we’ll be going back.

_ Dalbeattie _ Mabie _

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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