First Visit to Sideways Cycles

Last night I made my first pilgrimage to the mecca known as Sideways out on the Cheshire Plain. Lots of exotica and a chance to look at some pimpiness and porn. Most impressed and worth the circuitous journey there and back. Tim has a very nice shop, but I hate driving in the rush hour.

One Speed Bikes. Beer. Music. All of that and more in the Singlespeed Outlaw eZine which has just posted issue five. Lots of one geared stuff and a lot on titanium bike bits manufacturer Jeff Jones…

Dave Barter from phased has asked me to post up the following:

Thanks to Anne Brown and Matt Hart the RUSS Appeal has two fantastic items to auction in order to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

The first is a brand new Specialized Fuse I BMX bike kindly donated by BM regular Anne Brown. The bike is suitable for adults or larger children and would make an ideal steed for anyone deciding to take a foray into the world of 20in frolics. The item is ready and waiting for bids now so hop on over to eBay at the link below:

The second item is a fitness consultation and detailed personalised six month training plan development carried out by Mart Hart of TORQ Fitness. As winter starts to recede you’ll all be needing some extra help to shift the flab in preparation for spring and summer. So, hurry over to eBay and stick a bid on the item via the link below:

Remember that EVERY SINGLE penny from these auctions goes to the Air Ambulance – please be generous, and please tell your friends

Finally this bike website is the home of a biweekly mini eZine, called pushbikes. You’ll need to have flash for it to work.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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