Warm Again

I’m feeling more recovered now from Sunday’s hammering by the elements in the Peak District. That was one big ride. I’m going to do it again in the summer, hopefully things will be a bit drier by then.

Ag2R and Cofidis as well as the US based Navigators teams have been riding Stella Azzurra kit for some time. In fact the Italian family-run firm has been in business over 25 years and started off making bar tape and over time have supplied a huge range of companies from De Rosa to Merckx. Here’s the website link.

MTB Wales have been updating their site a fair bit with lots of digital routes appearing for the various different mapping packages. They’re also getting some exclusive cycle clothing, find out more over at their site. Talking of clothing, Corty sent in this via e-mail:

From: Corty
Subject: Ref pulled red lacy knickers from his pocket

A Brazilian football referee is facing divorce proceedings after he pulled a pair of knickers out of his pocket instead of a red card during a match.

Carlos Jose Figueira Ferro was trying to send footballer Paulo Coise off during an amateur match in the city of Anama, reports Terra.

The referee was so embarrassed that he ended the match with 20 minutes still to go. He said he had no idea how the red lacy knickers ended up in his pocket.

Mr Ferro’s wife, who was watching the match, reportedly started divorce proceedings after the match.

This is a rather nice Dutch Singlespeed website which includes details of Giant’s new XTC SS specific frameset. That’ll build into one seriously light bike. Probably a bit like this one

How unique is your name? Find out here

Finally, this trebuchet game might help waste some time at work and certainly makes a change from Penguin baseball.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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