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There hasn’t been a doping scandal in the cycling world for some time which might lead you to think that the drugs problem has disappeared. The French authorities however seem to have a different idea. More on that and the future of riders from the demoted teams Kelme and Domina Vacanze over at Velo News.

Pink Bike seem to have the first news of the story that SRAM look set to buy brake manufacturer Avid. Avid make some great kit and it’s going to be really interesting to see what SRAM can come up with as an alternative to Shimano kit. Read the full article here.

If there was any doubt that Enduro racing is the current big thing in mountain biking the following two links should change that perspective. Merida have taken over the reins held by Kona and have details of some epic riding coming up this year in Wales and a new 12 hour event, this time on the west coast. Meanwhile Singletrack are behind the British Cycling backed race series.

US firm Risse Racing have never gone away, it’s just that they don’t have such a big presence in the UK compared to some of the other shock manufacturers. The thing that surprised me is that they also do a range of replacement parts for bikes a la BETD, including this range of parts of Specialized bikes.

The Sexmidget has had a revelation (which you’ll need to read if what follows is to make sense) and has announced somewhat tongue in cheek that he’s going to stop smoking gear and getting pissed on beer and is going to take racing really seriously. Which is going to mean a start to training and slipping into some roady lycra.

Most fundamentally important he’s also developed a new philosophical epistemology, henceforth known as Postsinglespeedism and is encouraging the enlightened to loudly proclaim riser bars and anything but xc racing tyres as “shit and for gay wankers all the fucking time”.

I don’t know what the most worrying prospect is, but the ‘midget is obviously a genius.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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