Team Bon Jovi

Sending Christmas cards is a good way to keep in touch with people, but it always reminds you how long it’s been since you heard from them last. More often than not it’s been too long.

This is a link to the Park Tools website. Park make some of the best tools on the market. It’s just a shame their blue plastic tyre levers are crap. They bend, they snap and are generally far from the optimum tyre removing tool. They are however better than forks. So as everything else from Park passes testing, it gets the workshop seal of approval and is awarded a permanent link under the kit section.

Prompting alsorts of possibilities in terms of crap jokes based upon song titles, rockstar, Jon Bon Jovi, is to raise the profile of his sponsorship of a US-based Pro mtb team. Team West Virginia/Bon Jovi, will compete in state, regional and NCS races in 2004. There’s more over at MBAction.

“Silver cars are much less likely to be involved in a serious crash than cars of other colours, suggests a new study of over 1000 cars.

People driving in silver cars were 50 per cent less likely to suffer serious injury in a crash compared with drivers of white cars, the research in New Zealand found.

White, yellow, grey, red and blue cars carried about the same risk of injury. But those taking to the roads in black, brown or green cars were twice as likely to suffer a crash with serious injury”. More over at New Scientist.

Armstrong is now talking about riding the next two tours.

Campagnolo’s winter clothing line gets a quick preview over at Cyclingnews and Chris Currie talks about standardisation within the bike indutry over at Dirt Rag.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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