Room for Growth

The Mountain bike market it seems is far from saturated and far from stagnant. There are still plenty of new bikes and brands developing within the market, most targeting niche markets where the bigger companies are less prepared to take potentially big risks.

Here’s a few of them, two British and one Canadian. First up On-One who have been around for some time and have a bit of an elite following in the Singlespeed sector of the market are planning a new range of bikes including this aluminium hardtail frame, a cyclo-cross bike for next season and possibly a long-travel inbred.

Then there’s Sheffield based Edge Bikes who have been making a name for themselves in the UK downhill scene producing bikes that have carried champions to the podium in this years racing. They do a range of bikes from full on downhill bikes through to lightweight full bounce cross country bikes designed to cope with the British winter.

Finally, there’s the Canadian based Knolly Bikes, the brain-child of Noel Buckley, who spent two years out of action with a broken arm designing a no-compromise, six inch plus travel freeride bike. Interesting use of a double linkage, which seems (in someways) similar to Specialized’s Demo 9, but in other ways completely different. Pinkbike have more news.

For those with a passion for fixed gear Singlespeeds, Hub Jub is there to meet your one speed gear requirements, offering a fine range of hubs and freewheels.

And if that’s not enough have a look at Dave’s Beer/Bike Ratio Training Plan.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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