The last few days have been hellish. On Thursday night the PC refused to boot up properly and after much head scratching, question asking, component buying and testing, it was only last night that I managed to get things operational again. I’m beginning to wonder if there is something about this time of year that makes computer components roll-over and die. Do they know it’s just before Christmas? Anyway at this rate I’ll soon have as many Shuttle XPCs as the Beowulf cluster.

_ Pier _ sun rays _
Daevh’s fine photography

This is Daevh’s website, a bit of a bike orientated weblog like rothar.com, it has some of the finest photography on it I have seen in a long time. Check it out.

On a similar kind of theme the mountain bike rides website has loads of routes, info and pictures on riding in around and through the Peak District and Derbyshire as well as a section of video crashes, tech tips and loads of photos.

There have been various dismal forecasts for the future of the European ski industry published in the last few years, but as with most things such reports have to be considered in relation to what is actually happening in the mountains. This is part of the latest report:

From: New Scientist
Subject: Global warming threatens ski resorts

…In Switzerland, 85 per cent of its 230 resorts are currently classed as snow reliable. But in one IPCC scenario this could drop to as low as 44 per cent…

It’s looking pretty dismal for a lot of the resorts at low altitude across Europe. American resorts, which are mostly at high altitude in the Rockies, are likely to fair much better. The full report is up here.

For those people interested in going downhill, fast, this is the Southern Downhill website, a place on the Interweb for like minded people to talk about riding, riding related matters and life the universe and pretty much anything. Think of it as the big butch version of Singletrackworld. Then again maybe not.

Finally this:

From: Jeff
Subject: a silly request


I really love your Singletrack information bureau website, and I’ve used it several times to research articles (I have the complete collection at home).

In issue #10 Chipps got his revenge on me (we had misspelled his name in our masthead with only one “P” for several issues) by misspelling my name in the article on my visit.

Is there any chance you could correct the spelling in your archive? If not, no big deal.


-Jeff Guerrero (notice the double “R” comes first)

It’s been done. Check out the Singletrrack Archives here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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