Access Rights

At work today I was trying to keep tabs on this thread about rights of way access in the Peak District and during the course of finding a few pictures off this site to back up what I was saying I discovered that there’s some shoddy HTML source lurking in pretty much all of the new CSS based pages.

Now on a few pages this was just a failure to adjust where files were pointing, when they were moved from the development section of the site to this bit. The other problem was that the same files on some pages were pointing at a hard disk drive. How the hell did that happen?

Anyway it’s all updated now, as is the rogues gallery. I’ve had some new pictures for this for a while but I just never seem to get around to posting them up.

The T’inator converts most webpages from their standard version into a format laden with Mr. T sayings and photos. I couldn’t get it to work for this site, but it does work for Jed’s site.

This is a top tip for strengthening unbraided brake hoses cheaply. Check it out over at NSMB. I’ve not had a problem with this yet, but I can see the advantage of the idea in the long-run.

Big Jonny is getting ready for the 24 hours of Old Pueblo, which he crashed and burnt in last year in a big way. As he puts it:

Yeah. I’m probably going to vomit at some point. Three years, two episodes. This will be my forth time out, and my first solo attempt.

I am so going to die.

This year, in conjunction with my solo insanity, I’m putting together a four girl team to fly the dc colors. A woman’s team is a natural extension of this little porn pill party of mine, isn’t it?

It’s going to be fucking great. Don’t miss this one. Even if you come out just to hang and booze it up. So much crazy shit happening everywhere you look. Fire jumping, belly dancers, kegs, hot tubs, nudity, and other assorted stupidity.

All of us idiots who actually race miss all the good stuff.

Well next year’s racing schedule is a bit hazy at the moment, I just don’t know if I’ll have time for it at the moment. Talking of which this is not the sswc.

Next year’s US Postal line-up is also looking a bit uncertain, as top climber Roberto Heras, now looks likely to leave the team and ride for Manolo Saiz’ new Liberty Seguros team. Given the strength of T-Mobile next year the loss of Heras could be crucial to Armstrong’s hope of a record sixth Tour win.

Next years Tour will also be interesting in light of the fact that David Millar has marked his intention of focusing on triple Gold in the Olympics, in the Time Trial, Road Race and 4000m Pursuit. Triple? Most people would be happy with one Gold. There’s more on this over at Cyclingnews.

Finally when I was a kid I frequently used clothes pegs to put cardboard into the spokes of my wheel to create ‘thwack, thwack, thwack’ motorbike noises. Therefore you would have thought that this would be a massive success.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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