I’ve added links to a few games and have now uploaded the enjoy the weather video featuring Lance Armstrong. Check out the links on the Main page.

There’s a new track racing series coming to the Velodrome. It’s called Revolution and it’s promising some big names in the lineup.

Pink Bike have just put up an article about the two producers behind the successful Canadian Mountain Bike Road Trip Series, Drop In. Read the full article here.

A few facts about London:

650,000 regular cyclists.
44% those killed between 1994 -9 were involved in collision with HGVs, according to TfL.
29% of those happened while an HGV was turning left.
TfL says cycling in inner London has gone up by 30% since the introduction of congestion charge.

Now the father of a female cyclist killed by an HGV has produced a film called 44 Tonne Articulated Trucks and Towns Don’t Mix to publicise the dangers they pose to people living in cities. Read more over at the BBC.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the ruling against the World Rally Drivers who were caught speeding by a camera in South Wales several years ago has just been made. The report questions the future of the event in the UK.

Someone needs to do something to protect motorsport in the UK, because it’s not just the income from annual events that we’ll lose if stupid government policies make it impossible for organisers to run events here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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