Singletrack goes Bimonthly

Singletrack magazine is now going to be available six times a year. A lot of people have been calling for more issues and finally this seems to be happening. Good luck to Mark and Chipps, just hope the extra workload doesn’t mean less time out on bikes. Read the full article here.

Fair few stickers getting out and about now. Essential survival equipment on any trips to the Emerald Isle, your sticker will enable native Irish speakers to tell you where the nearest drinking establishment is. Whether or not you’ll understand the answer is a different question, but they’ll probably be able to point you to it as you’re never too far from a pub in Ireland.

Jo bought me Tim Moore’s French Revolutions book for my birthday and although I’m not getting much time to read it, I have to say it’s very good. It reminds me of this little adventure from last year. I enjoyed riding in France…

Fi’zi:k do some great saddles. There custom saddle generator is pretty cool, but what’s the deal on the new Arione? Why do roadies need a saddle that is 30mm longer? As for the wing flex… Fortunately they still do a range of animal print designs. Leopard skin anyone?

And finally after DJs at three US radio stations promoted attacks against cyclists, John Hogan the president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio (the parent company that owns them), has said, “the comments made by Clear Channel Radio stations in Cleveland, Houston, and Raleigh were inappropriate and intolerable … As CEO of Clear Channel Radio, I do not support or condone the anti-cyclists messages and have taken steps to insure they do not occur again.” Read more over at Dirtrag.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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