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The government are having to consider the Nation’s position to genetically modified crops, a decision that could have potentially devastating and irreversible implications. Why? Well because they don’t want to upset the US biotech companies who have spend billions of dollars developing a technology that no one really wants and arguably needs.

Now I’m pretty reasonable, I can see that there may be advantages brought to us by this new technology, but my concerns are centred around the fact that research has not properly tested the long terms effects. It might be okay to say, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) pose now long term medical implications, look at America, they’ve been using them for years.

Well it just ain’t long enough. Look at smoking. Everyone thought that was a pretty good idea at the time. Then rates of lung cancer soared. What other bright ideas? Well how about feeding processed meat to cows, a creature that is designed to eat grass. What do we get? Mad cow disease and CJD in people who eat cows.

Okay there was some choice in both of those options. No one forced you to smoke or eat beef. GMOs are different. Cross pollination with non-GMO is not going to leave people with a choice. How do you stop pollen from plants contaminating natural stocks and how can you offer people an alternative such as organic produce one this is the case?

These people are potentially messing with the environment in ways they and many other people do not fully comprehend. Meanwhile the front pages of the newspapers and television reports are talking about sensationalist crap like David Blaine. They need to get some perspective.

Red Bull Rampage anyone? Results up here.

And Charly Wegelius, what are you playing at? Busted.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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