New Kit

Big weekend. Lots of catching up with old friends over beers. Slight problem with memory loss on occassion and no riding. Ah well, there’s plenty of time for biking ahead.

Singletrack have put together a fairly comprehensive coverage of the new Race Face kit, not surprising that they’ve done that given the sponsorship they now seem to be carrying. Guess there’s some fairly big bills to be paying to run that site. Big Jonny has been paying his bills by other means and ones that aren’t always acceptable with some people.

Seems there were a fair few big names to be seen at Interbike, there’s some photos of the stars up here. Worryingly, Corty looks very like David Miller. Here’s some of the best kit I’ve seen from the show in this gallery from Cyclingnews.

Giant HQ in Nottingham was broken into on Thursday night and a load of bikes stolen from the warehouse. Bit of a bummer, but if they want to find them they should start looking in the Meadows, it’s the sort of place that they’ll start turning up. Bit like our shop and the bikes being seen all over Salford. Not sure how professional it was, but you can bet that Giant will have insurance for such things and potentially it could have been a lot worse.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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