Dusk Til Dawn

This weekend’s Dusk til Dawn race was a bit of a ‘mare. Almost as bad as Sleepless in the Saddle, but less painful. The race report is up here.

Things around here are just manic at the moment. It’s that time of year, when everything kicks off once again and before you know it everything’s rushing by you at a rate of knots. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to lose my voice and become ill in the next couple of weeks. There’s something to look forward to then.

Loads of stuff over at Cyclingnews, least not the Vuelta. There’s press coverage of the EICMA bike show in Milan here and some spy shots of bikes from the recent Mountain Bike World Championships in Lugano here. Meanwhile, everyone was pretty excited when Marzocchi unveiled their 6″ travel single crown fork, well how does this 12″ single crown monster grab ya?

Now if you caught someone stringing up a wire to garotte riders in the woods how would you handle the situation? Dom took a certain approach which has received a mix response.

From: Dom
Subject: Trees and barbed wire

I know i should of been riding but i went for a walk with the dog today in the woods and as i was walking in Cann woods looking at the trails i saw a strange bloke in his sixties tieing something to a tree.
So me thinks i will just creep up on him slow and ask what he is up to.
I think when i said hello he was going to die he jumped so far, and i asked what he was doing.
He says to me he is fed up with all the bikes flying through the tree with no respect to others that use the woods so he said he would give them something to think about ( barbed wire )…!
I told him you will only kill one rider and not affect the others but if he has a gripe he should contact the Forestry commision and apart from that i said i ride a bike through the trees as well where upon the topic gets heated a little and he takes a swing at me.
I am now waiting for the cops to turn up at the door as i kinda lost it and hit him but not with my hands or boots.
He went down quick and i took down the wire and took the rest of it and chucked it into the woods.
I told him whilst he was sitting on the deck that me hitting he once was alot lighter than he would of got had a bunch of riders caught him in the act.
I even said sorry to him, but i did say that i would tell all the local riders what he looked like so he better not walk round these woods for a good while.
And i left him, doubled back to watch him get up and walk out to the fire trail and of to the carpark.
I reckon he wont report it.

Read the reactions here.

E-bay is a wonderful place with some absolute crap on it. Here are two cracking examples, somebody’s Mum’s car and a very frightening wardrobe addition. On the subject of MAXing up cars, this tongue-in-cheek page might go down quite well.

Finally a lot of mountain bikers like to think of themselves as endurance athletes these days, well I guess it’s all relative. I mean in comparison to this monk that has spent the last 7 years running 24,800 miles, 24 hours racing a bike ain’t much is it?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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