Mary Towneley Loop

Yesterday I rode the 47 mile Mary Towneley Loop in a charity event organised by the Rossendale Harriers. It’s an event that’s stirred up some discussion elsewhere as these two links demonstrate: It could have been nasty and some positive notes. Here’s some pictures.

The weather started off looking bleak but improved during the day. I have to say that I had a really good day out, even though I was completely toasted by the time I arrived home. The FSR is sitting next to me none too impressed with it’s new mud coat and I have to say I was none too impressed to realise I had forgotten to fit a Lizard Skin over the rear shock only after I was about 10 miles into the loop – which was probably the muddiest bit. Cutting the seatpost down and fitting a quick release proved to be a big asset when it came to nailing a few descents, it just makes the whole thing a bit more chuckable. Good times.

A big thanks to Andy (Burger) for keeping me company especially when I hit the wall climbing up out of Hebden Bridge and for putting up with me walking a lot of the bits that he powered up. Maybe I should use that granny gear more, but I put it down to that old cyclo-cross mentality I established in Guernsey, if you can walk as fast or faster than you can ride you might as well stretch your legs. On the other hand having a Santa Cruz Superlight and being in much better shape than me probably helped a lot too.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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