Boocock Returns

Laura is back. The cunning plan for extra leg-room on the plane worked and I’m impressed.

Someone with more technical knowledge than me has hacked the Howies site. I’m boycotting Levis. The world is a big place, there’s room for both of them, but I’d only buy stuff from one of them – the one that sponsors up and coming riders, is trying to become ever more environmentally understanding and produces brochures you’ll want to keep.

Some people just know best and no matter what you tell them, they either don’t listen or don’t want to listen. Life must be great. Please, just don’t come back complaining when you realise that what you’ve purchased isn’t ideal for what you wanted it for. Somehow you just know that they will.

This is just a laugh, but what comes next is just plain scary. They’re organised, they have worked out how to use computers, they can communicate with each other, but they just don’t get that they are despised. Scallytastic. It’s like well heavy and well light innit?

Biker phoned today trying to tempt be out to Switzerland. There’s no need I’m going. More mountain adventure is offered by Pyractif and they want some one to redo their website…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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