Tyrrell Basson

With over 7 years of racing Tyrrell has participated in some of the southern hemisphere’s premier road riding events including the EP Herald MTN Cycle Tour; Alexander Forbes VW Cycling Tour, Vodacom/Die Burger/Macro National Classic and many more. The millennium marked the more towards endurnace riding and participation in the world famous Argus Cycle Tour over the South African Cape Peninsula. This spectacular race offers magnificent scenery and over 35,000 starters. The first race in 2000 was a real eye opener, but deomonstrated a natural ability with Tyrrell finishing 3,092th out of 30,081 and first in his class. Racing in consecutive years up until 2005 produced better times including a sub 3 hour.

Tyrrell Basson on the Trans Cambrian Trail, May 2006. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

Tyrrell flying in Wales. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

Tyrrell also developed a keen interest in Triathlons and entered many events to support his cycle training and add a bit of diversity to the sport. In 2000 he met his wife (a keen Mountain Biker) and discovered off-road riding, participating in his first race that year too – The Longmore Classic in Port Elizabeth. He finished 6th and the bug bit.

In August 2005 his family fulfilled an ambition to sample life outside of SA and they relocated to the United Kingdom and was fortunate enough to start work at The University of Manchester the following month. Local riding now consists of sampling the finest trails in North Wales and the Peak District. Tyrrell commutes to work on a daily basis from a little town called Altrincham along a 20 mile a day off road route that provides a good workout. Cycling in the UK traffic and weather is a total new ball game and you have to be on your wits.

Tyrrell racing at Twentyfour12. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

Tyrrell racing at Twentyfour12. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

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