MCR Bike Polo

Rode the bike for a first time in a week today. It felt good to get some power down and the ‘cross bike is very capable in these wintery conditions. Still I had two near misses with numpties in cars on the way home that were completely pointless and achieved nothing other than a) getting the drivers two cars ahead in a stationary queue of traffic and in the second case, b) immediately hooted at by about half on Manchester for then trying to do a right turn across the oncoming traffic at a junction where right turns are prohibited. Nice one, losers.

On the way home from the hospital tonight I bumped into some of the guys from Manchester Bike Polo. They play down the road and no special bikes are required to have a go. Something for the New Year I think!

Two for One

Tonight would have been a fairly normal ride home on a freezing cold night and not worth writing about but then two numpties in cars tried to kill me. The first was a taxi driver who cut across two lanes of traffic and then over took me to then slam on his brakes and turn left. Thanks. I’ve got your number Alpha Cars.

Next up was only about 5 seconds later as I approached the junction a people carrier pulled in alongside me and tried to squeeze me into the gutter. I swung my knee out and made contact with the door! The driver was indicating left and fortunately the lights were red so I didn’t get cut up again and made it into the green box at the front of the junction before setting off again ahead of the traffic.