Super Singlespeed

The Independent Fabrication Deluxe Singlespeed turns 11 this year, the bike’s evolved over the years but the heart is still strong and it’s aged well. I had to give the Chris King rear hub a mini service this week as the ring drive was all gummed up, but it should be back on the trails again this weekend.

Deluxe Singlespeed rear view

Not that clean

Deluxe Singlespeed


Independent Fabrication Deluxe Singlespeed 2015

Independent Fabrication Deluxe Singlespeed 2015

New Road Bike

It’s been some time since I had a road bike and I decided around a year ago that with the perfect roads around the place in France that it was time to get back on skinny rubber. I owe a massive thanks to Gary Smith and Chris Rowe at Independent Fabrication for the new ride – I picked it up today from Tim at Sideways Cycles. Just need to accumulate a lot of parts now to get it on the road.

Creation Card