Racing Past the Front Door

The plus points to having a house in France are that you get certain benefits from the experience. Like Stage 10 of Le Tour de France coming to town – it passed within 4km on the way to the Col du Grand Colombier. The following day it was even better when a regional French junior race, the Ain’ternational Valromey Tour, coming right past the front door and returning the following day for the descent of the col behind the house.




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The Rainy City

The weather recently has been horrendous. Either chucking it down with rain and hovering around 16 degrees C or being overcast, grey, miserable and humid as the temperature climbs into the 20s. This has been the pattern pretty much since we came back from holiday last weekend which wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the fact that it wasn’t much better there either.

Manchester Rain

The are several downsides to this. Not only is it depressing weather, but it makes life miserable on the bike as either you wet and cold or hot and wet. Clothing choice makes little difference either as not even the best shell layers can cope with humid conditions so you’re better off just getting wet and changing into dry gear at work or home. Not that this helps much if you have to walk around outside to get to and from meetings…