Charge Me

The keyboard batteries finally reached 2% life remaining and I was getting sick of the mouse consuming AAs like they were made of fromage so I took the plunge and went for the rather lovely Apple battery charger. Small, compact and does the job of refreshing the power in a matter of hours.

Apple Battery Charger

I am very tempted by an iPhone4 and have been looking into options. I’ve been weighing up getting one for a long time, but having had a personal mobile contract for about the last 6 years it’s a case of shopping around for a deal.


I’ve been meaning to do a few tweaks under the hood on the site in a while and over the last week have been putting a bit of time in to make it happen. This is the slightly tweaked new look.

I’m really enjoying the new iMac it’s so nice to work on. To be honest, I am not 100% convinced by the compact keyboard or the pros of the cordless magic mouse, but they don’t drive me so mad that I’ve felt the need to get the old wired fullsized keyboard and Microsoft mouse out yet.

The Mouse like my last wireless Apple one seems to go through batteries very quickly, but the reality is that it’s two AA batteries a month. The keyboards just starting to say low power now too, so that’s three months of use out of those batteries. Seems Apple has realised it’s enough of an issue to now offer a charger.

Easily Impressed

For the last few years downloading photos off the camera has been a reasonably time consuming affair involving having to find the USB cable, connect the Mac to the camera using it, then pulling off the photos that were required. For the first time today I used the built-in SD card slot on the new iMac. All I can say is Wow! It’s so rapid. I don’t think I’m easily impressed when it comes to IT kit, but the speed of this connection was a real revelation. I know how I’ll be getting the photos onto my Mac from now on.

New Mac


With my G5 PowerMac approaching 7 years old, I decided to take the plunge and get myself a new Intel powered iMac. More comments on it on the Flickr photo page. It arrived on Tuesday and I’ve spent most evenings this week setting it up and getting it running as I wanted it. I have to say the migration between Macs using TimeMachine worked for me. Everything is running smoothly other than Adobe’s Creative Suite that didn’t like the migration and was a pain in the arse to get working. In the end I’ve temporarily switched to a 30 day trial of CS4 which should see me through to the arrival of my newly purchased version of CS5 – thank goodness for JourneyEd and working for a University.