Gwydir Mawr & Bach

Back to Wales for a late October sortie in the Mountains, but this time it was trying out one of the trail centres that I have driven past put not ridden before – Gwydir Mawr. Edit: Well, that is a fib, I’ve ridden it many times in the past when it was known as the Marin Trail.

Just to maintain a theme the rain started as I entered Llanwyst and stopped as I drove home (sun coming out on the way back just to add salt to the wound). Still most of the riding was in the woods so there was some shelter from the elements.

Loads of mushrooms out in the woods

Trails were really interesting – some quite technical bits without much warning that they were approaching and a slight reluctance to commit on some of them whilst riding solo.

The review of the trails I read said that it included amazing views of Snowdonia. Well not today, but what you could see through breaks in the cloud was looking stunning.

There was one section of man-made singletrack that was closed due to forestry work. The diversion was really badly signed and I almost went in totally the wrong direction, until spotting the sign at the last minute.

The Cambrian Rally stages were taking place the weekend after my trip and the trails were marked out for the event. Could be a good one to check out in future.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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