Commutes of the Week

This working from lifestyle which was by necessity for the last 18 months now looks to be a pretty definite thing for the foreseeable future. On that basis the week needs to be peppered with some new commute rides.

Pine forest meadow riding

Having started a couple of weeks ago, I am coming to the view that alternating between a ride down to the coast to hit singletrack in the woods and inland to continue exploring is a good bet. This weeks achievements have been adding a few more segments into Strava for favourite bits and a bit of detective work on some other local riders to pick up leads on some more gravel roads.

Gravel bike riding on the Cheshire Lines

I’ll be looking to explore those new-to-me tracks next week. In the meantime the rear hub on the Cross Bike needs a strip and service and it sounds like, after 1,300km, the bottom bracket bearings are shot so I’ll need to get that sorted too.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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