Workshop Time

A year of riding the Ti Cross Deluxe has taken it’s toll on the IF. A rear tyre that has punctured on the last three rides. New rear tyre to replace a well worn Conti Cyclocross King that had been been worn smooth and some new tubes. The gears that don’t shift so well and I suspect is down to an old chain.

Update: The new chain worked on about 2 of 10 gears so a new sprocket was then ordered. The old one refused to come off, requiring the rivets to be popped on the cassette and each sprocket worked off in turn.

Destroyed Gear Cluster Sprockets

Then there was the ominous creak from the cranks that seemed to come and go with time but was never a good sign. New bottom bracket required and whilst I was at it I drilled the bottom bracket shell for drainage and cleaned everything up.

Ti Cross Deluxe Servicing

I like the more compact replacement XT unit, but that minimal size means smaller bearings (and a new fitting tool – fortunately that comes in the box). It will be interesting to see what mileage I get out of this one.

Ti Cross Deluxe Servicing
The brakes have been less than optimal and on the most recent rider were giving cause for concern. It meant workshop time!

Ti Cross Deluxe Servicing

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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