More Scott Maintenance

So after the Dark Peak adventure back in August the rear wheel on the Scott started playing up and the tyres needed sorting (slow flat in the front) plus a solution to pinch flats was needed. So strip down time. Investigation reveals that the free hub bearings were seized solid and the hub bearings were both on the way out. So old ones out:

More Scott Bearing Maintenance

New bearings for the Syncros hubs to go in (2x 6902 and 2x 6903) with hopefully better quality bearings and seals

More Scott Bearing Maintenance

All back together and ready to roll.

More Scott Bearing Maintenance

On the tyre and tube front after a bit of research I’ve plumbed for the Schwalbe Procore dual pressure system. Best way to describe it is a road bike tyre with no tread and a small tube running at 80-90psi inside the main chubby tyre which is inflated via a special valve and runs sealant.

More Scott Bearing Maintenance

It sounds more complicated than it is. The kit is comprehensive and it all goes together okay. The biggest challenge is getting the chubby tyres to seal on the rims. Mine both were leaking at the valve but with some faffage I reckon the sealant and a couple of rim side o-rings have done the job. At this stage it could be epic or an expensive mistake. Let’s see what two days hard trail riding delivers…

More Scott Bearing Maintenance

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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