Strava App on the Apple Watch: Driving Me Nuts

So today I logged with Strava my growing frsutration with the Apple Watch App. It is driving me nuts. I own a 1st generation watch which has been fine until relatively recently, but now has issues!

1) Stopping a ride recording
At first I thought that this was tha auto-pause function – pausing or ending a ride then not restrating it. I could correlate where a ride recording ended with a point where I had to get off and portage the bike. So I changed the setting to turn off auto pause, but this seems to have turned itself back on!

I’ve even taken to coming out of the Strava App once a ride has started by going back to the main display (clock). How ever, once riding if you flick your wrist to look at the watch it is back in Strava !

2) Hung App
Today I did a 2.30hr ride and the App crahsed after about 2.15hr. When I got back to the car the App screen on the Watch was just balck, no display. When I got my phone out and looked at Strava the ride hadn’t been logged. So back to the watch and now it is working again but had paused itself again.

3) Slow performance
From opening the App to trying to go to start a ride is SLOW. Like 60-90 seconds slow. Because it’s slow and lags, I think that it’s possible I’ve accidently turned the auto pause function back on in the same way I inadvertently select km vs milies for distance units.

4) No lock function
I can live with the slow performance, but there has to be a way of stopping the app ending the ride prematurely. Can some sort of lock function be introduced to stop inadvertent pausing and a real turn off of the auto-pause (I’d prefer to set this on the phone for the Watch App so that this is not a watch based option).

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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