Back to the Forest

Headed over to Llandegla again for a breakfast ride with Phil, Neil and Lardy. Kathy and Ele took the kids walking after the rain stopped and they’d had some tea and cakes in the cafe. The climb up to the mast was in perfect conditions, dry and grippy and easily rideable on the singlespeed, whilst the descent down was not the usual stream bed, but also dry and in great shape. Neil said they were the best conditions he has ever ridden. Back along Offa’s Dyke woodwork and then through the forest before joining up with the blue for a blat back to the cafe. Short run, but it was all that time allowed.

The Race Face Deus cranks on the Singlespeed Deluxe are goosed. I found the drive side crank loose after Penmachno last weekend, so stripped them and rebuilt them with threadlock. Halfway around Llandegla, the drive side crank was loose again, but the bolt holding them on was still torqued up tight. The spider is also bent from a previous event, so they’ve now reached the end of their life. Looking at another pair of Deus (the design has been revised) or some SLX cranks. Not sure which one to go for yet, still mulling it over. This coupled with the need for new pedals on all the bikes and a new pair of rims for the Remedy are all adding up to some expense on the horizon.

Bumped into Fiona and John at the Cafe. They’re friends from Ride the Alps trips and Fi was the photo model for many shots dues to her welcome choice of some great colourful biking outfits that really stood out in the shots. We’re hoping to get some Peak District riding organised for later this year. Here they are enjoying the descent from Kleine Scheidegg towards Lauterbrunnen.

Fiona and John

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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