Remedy for Me Please

It’s been months since I went on a proper mountain bike ride. It’s perhaps an expected outcome of fatherhood, but it was great to be back out in North Wales riding and exploring some new trails with Neil and Wayne on Saturday. Neil’s still finding new local trails and has a great ability to link up some terrific sections. We rode for about four hours cross country over to Llandegla, stopped at the cafe for lunch and then headed up to the top of the climb to ride the new swoopy blue section.

On the Moor

From there we cut through back to the top of the climb to ride the boards over the bog along Offa’s Dyke trail. Then the real fun began as we blazed a trail across the moor. As we reached the summit of our last major climb for the day, the advantage of the first dry trails of the year were clear – they led to an epic and fast descent back towards Wrexham. A great day out in sunshine and warm weather and by the time we arrived back at base my legs were spent from a six hour day riding. At least I kept it together and didn’t hit the wall, but I definitely need to get out on the bike more.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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