Unkool Stop

When I built up my Independent Fabrication Planet Cross it was fitted with some Kool Stop brake pads in the Paul Compent Engineering cantilevers. From the off the bike’s been plagued by an irritatingly noisy front brake, which irrespective of teh amount of toe-in refused to be tamed. I think I tried it with a 5mm difference front to back and they still squeaked. Tried cleaning the rims and filing the pads down and setting up again. No difference.

At the weekend I picked up two pairs of Madison’s Aztec pads from Harry Halls. The rear brakes which have been doing double duty and were at the end of their life so I just replaced both sets even though the fronts were nearly new. The new pads solved the squeal. Which is a relief as I was doubting bith my mechanic skills and the alignment of my forks… Thing is now I need to fit a bell.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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