Loopy Lupo

I haven’t ridden since last Tuesday evening. I succumbed to the lurgy which normal afflicts me at this time of the year or thereabouts. Thing is, given what happened on the ride home last Tuesday I could have had much bigger problems.

There’s always something ominous about approaching a set of traffic lights where there is a queue of on coming traffic waiting to turn right. Normally it’s not an issue when there are cars and traffic going in the same direction as me, but when you’re the only traffic, motorists seem to get this idea you don’t count.

So there I am gunning it along at about 25mph towards the lights, I end up in this deadzone of no traffic and a queue of cars waiting to turn right across my path. The first car goes no problem, plenty of room. The second car, in this case a Navy Blue VW Lupo, can’t see what’s coming until the car in front has moved out of the way. Then he starts to go too. I am already starting to cross the function.

He hasn’t seen me. The brakes get locked up. This is going to be close. Millimetres is the gap as he brushes past me in a squeel of tyres struggling for grip under a heavy right foot planting the accelerator into the carpet. Stupid bastard. I think you could hear me shouting at him from low orbit. Just to make sure he got the point I gave him a special salut too.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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