This morning a coleague was late for a meeting, so a deal was done. We’d meet at his office and he’d provide a coffee. My first coffee of the year. I’m not sure exactly what coffee Caffè Nero produced, but I’ve still got a caffiene shake going on almost 12 hours later.

Of course the meeting being delayed by an hour meant that I was able to ride to my office in a downpour of epic proportions, but with my coffee fuelled cloak I was like Miguel Indurain ripping up the tarmac as I big ringed it into work. Yes a deliver driver in a Mercedes Sprinter did think about cutting across me at a junction, but then he saw the 100yard stare in my eyes and thought better of it.

Work time evaporated and the next thing it’s 7.30pm and time to ride home…quickly, because it’s already that time of year where light is fading fast in the evenings. The coundown to needing lights for the commute has begun…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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